YARD terms and conditions*

*Read quick, ‘cause it’ll be gone in 10 seconds. ++

Welcome to yardsnapz, a place where young people aged 14-18 support each other to stay healthy and connected by sharing stuff related to keeping safe around alcohol.

Sharing anything on social media is mostly cool, but sometimes comes with a downside…especially when it’s a sensitive topic like alcohol. Your snaps are valued, so is your privacy & safety.  Keep reading to know your rights.

Straight up points about Privacy:

  • Stuff you send us is viewable by anyone because we might share, alter or publish your snaps in other places like Facebook, Instagram and websites supporting youth health, for the life of the project. We can’t control what other people do with those snaps and posts.
  • If you don’t want your mum, dad, caregivers, teachers, future boss, or pet fish ‘Bubbles’ seeing your snap, don’t send it, or consider disguising your face with a filter or using masks, stickers or drawings, etc… Otherwise, you are welcome to show your face. It’s your choice.
  • We’ll do everything we can to protect your privacy from our end, like blur out your username, and not pass on personal details to random people, but we can’t be sure you’ll be completely anonymous.

Keep it Nice:

  • Anything you send us must be Snapchat ready; so basically, nothing illegal, violent, mean, nude or gross. Yep, it’s gotta be O.K for all kids and young people to enjoy, and if we don’t think it is, we won’t publish it, or we’ll just remove it. Kinda harsh, but fair.
  • Avoid ripping off anyone else’s stuff, we want your original creative genius to shine!
  • The yardsnapz crew will only publish stuff that fits in with our themes and challenges of staying safe around alcohol and encouraging self-help and supporting each other. We won’t publish your stuff right away. A crew of professional youth workers and digital storyteller people check it fits with our goals first.

Other important stuff:

Are you still reading! Well done, you’re a fine print pro, but here’s a couple more things to consider…

By actively interacting with yardsnapz, and reading the instructions on how to send us snaps, you are saying to us, “yes yardsnapz, I agree to these terms”. Hold off posting stuff to us if your uncomfortable with these terms.

Oh yeah, we can’t pay you for the snap, even if its like, so amazing it goes viral. Sorry.

Yardsnapz is not a place to get professional help for serious drug, alcohol or mental health issues. If you think you might need help, there are great youth workers and online services we can direct you to.  We encourage you to talk with parents, guardians, teachers, and trusted adults such as youth workers or counsellors about anything troubling you.

The promoter is Baseline for Young People, Whittlesea City Council, 25 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang 3752.

++ Just kidding, this is a long-term agreement, you can access it anytime, but we may change the terms without notice.

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